Privacy Policy


What happens to information about you while you are a consumer of this service?

The Board, Doctors and Staff of Lorne Medical Centre and Otway Health are committed to protecting your privacy and treating all patient information including health and financial details as private and confidential.

This privacy statement is based on legislative* requirements which governs the management of information. Doctors and Staff abide by our privacy policies and understand that a policy breach is grounds for dismissal.* including where relevant Health Services Act 1988 (Vic), Freedom of information Act 1982 (Vic), Health Records Act 2000 (Vic) and Victorian Information Privacy Act 2000.

What Information Do We Collect About You?

We keep your name and contact details on your health record. Other details such as your care plan and information about your health are recorded each time you receive a service from us.

Why Do We Collect Your Information?

The information we collect helps us keep up-to-date details about your needs, so we can care for you in the best possible way. We also use the information to better manage and plan this Service.

Who Else Sees Your Information?

Your information can only be seen by the staff and contractors of this service who are involved in your care. We only release information about you if you agree or if required by law, such as in a medical emergency.

What Say Do You Have in What Happens to Your Information?

You have a say in what happens to your information. We rely on information you give us to help provide the right care for you. If you decide not to share some of your information or restrict access to your record, this is your right, but it may affect our ability to provide you with the best possible services

How Will Your Information Be Protected?

We are committed to protecting the confidentiality of your record. The privacy of your information is also protected by law. We treat your information in the strictest confidence and store it securely.

Quality Improvement

As part of improving medical services and patient safety, a copy of your medical record may be reviewed by a doctor other than your own. Your information may be accessed for statistical, research or audit purposes. However you will not be identified in any of these reports.

Can You Access Your Information?

Yes, you have the right to request access to your information and to ask for it to be corrected if necessary.

Any Other Questions?

Please talk to one of our staff if you have any other questions or comments about what happens to your information while you are our consumer, or if you wish to access your record. Information contained within this brochure has been reviewed by the Community Advisory Committee of Lorne Community Hospital in December 2018.